Tarantulas & Scorpions

Arthropods: The Creepy Crawly Niche


Chilean Rose Hair 

Grammostola rosea

My name is “Arthur” to remind you that all spiders and scorpions are Arthropods (this group includes insects, millepedes, centipedes, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, crawdads, and anything else with an exoskeleton, no backbone, and jointed legs). I’m sure you’ve heard of Rosie, my relative at the Butterfly Pavilion. Just like Rosie’s caretakers, Party Safari staff allows people to hold me and my two Chilean Rose Hair compadres. We are a very gentle tarantula species, so get over your fears and enjoy the experience!

Costa Rican Pink Toe

Avicularia avicularia

My name is “Hairy” because I am so hairy! I am not yet full grown, but when I get there I have been known to eat vertebrates: things like frogs! I live in the trees in Costa Rican rainforests. Randy believes I have a pretty calm temperament (no hair flicking or raised arm warning yet observed) and might be willing to let guests hold me, if they promise to be calm!

Mexican Fireleg 

Brachypelma boehmei

My name is “Fuego” because I have fire legs and my relatives are from Mexico. Sometimes I show my defensive behavior (flicking hairs) so you can look at me, but only Party Safari staff can hold me.

Mexcian Redknee 

Brachypelma smithi

My name is “Roja” because I have red knees and my relatives are from Mexico. I am over ten years old, which means I am female. Let Party Safari staff explain why. Like my Mexican relative above, I also flick hairs when I get annoyed, so I’m just for viewing.

Indian Ornamental

Poecilotheria regalis

My name is “Mowgli” because I am from India (The Jungle Book). I am part of a  very defensive tarantula species, and I show my bright yellow undersides to warn potential predators that I can deliver a potent bite. As such, I am for viewing, but not for touching.


Asian Rainforest Scorpion 

Heterometrus spp.

My name is “UV” because I do something incredible under UV light. Our Party Safari staff will teach you whether my creepy crawly friends and I are poisonous or venomous. (There is a big difference between the two.)

Experience the Creepy Crawly!

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Thank you Haley Martin for your photos!