Choose Animals for your Event

Do you know which animals you would like from those pictured in the adjacent tabs?

Simply fill out the information requested, type the date/time of your scheduled event, and copy and paste the animal species you would like from those listed below in the “comments” field. If you haven’t scheduled an event yet, give Party Safari a call at 720.975.7900 with any questions and to check our availability.

*Party Safari staff will do our best to bring the animals you requested to your event; however, some animals may be under the weather, or in shed, or the event may not be appropriate for that specific animal. Therefore, the animals we bring may differ from what you requested. (We will always bring the appropriate number of animals to your event as indicated in the Options tab). Thank you for your understanding.



Russian tortoise Testudo horsfieldii (medium/brown/yellow)

Red-eared slider Trachemys scripta (large/dark brown/red ears)

Yellowbelly slider Trachemys scripta scripta (large/dark brown/yellow underside)

Mississippi map Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii (large/dark/yellow head)

African side neck Pelusios castaneus (medium/grey/green)



Black throat monitor Varanus albigularis ionidesi (large/black/cream spots)

Blue iguana Iguana iguana (large/blue-green)                                                                       

Chinese water dragon Physignathus cocincinus (large/green/blue stripes)                        

Bearded dragon (female) Pogona vitticeps (large/yellow/orange tan)                                          

Rankin dragon (male) Pogona henrylawsoni (medium/brown/orange)                                          

Frilled dragon Chlamydosaurus kingii (medium/grey/black/white)  

Blue-tongue skink Tiliqua sp. (large/dark brown/blue tongue)

Leopard gecko (2) Eublepharis macularius (small/yellow/white/orange)                     

Leopard gecko (female) Eublepharis macularius (small/black/white/orange)                               

Crested pinstripe gecko Correlophus ciliates (small/tan/grey/brown)

Flying gecko Ptychozoon kuhli (small/tan/brown)                                                                                                              



Burmese python (12 feet long) Python bivittatus (green/brown-gold/white)

Colombian red-tail boa (8 feet long) Boa constrictor imperator (brown/red/tan/white)

Carpet python (6 feet long) Morelia sp. (dark brown/yellow)

Hogg Island boa constrictor (4.5 feet long) Boa constrictor constrictor (tan/peach/red/grey)

Ball python fire morph (3 feet long) Python regius (black/gold brown)

Corn snake red/orange morph (3 feet long)  Elaphe g. guttata (red/black/orange)

Corn snake carmel morph (3 feet long) Elaphe g. guttata (light grey/brown/yellow orange)

Bullsnake (3 feet long) Pituophis catenifer (black/yellow/brown)



Bennet’s wallaby Macropus rufogriseus (white/red eyes)



Chilean rose hair (adult female) Grammostola rosea (large/grey)

Chilean rose hair (adult female) Grammostola rosea (medium/brown)

Chilean rose hair (juvenile) Grammostola rosea (medium/brown orange)                                                        

Mexican fireleg (adult female) Brachypelma boehmei (no touching(large/orange legs) 

Mexican redknee (adult female) Brachypelma smithi (no touching)(large/red knee caps)

Indian ornamental (adult female) Poecilotheria regalis (no touching)(large/grey blue/yellow)  



Asian rainforest (adult) Heterometrus spp. (no touching) (black)

Desert hairy (adult) Hadrurus arizonensis (no touching) (yellow)