Mammals: Hair and Milk

Bennet’s Wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

My name is “Samwise” because I have big hairy feet (The Hobbit). I am a wallaby which means I am a special kind of mammal (a marsupial like kangaroos). You may have noticed, I am also albino, which means I am even more special!

Let your parents know that I am a prey animal, and therefore, I am only allowed at indoor events. I do not mix well with dogs (their relatives, the dingo, try and eat me), balloons (predator attacks from above freak me out), and loud noises.

Unfortunately, I am getting more skittish and aggressive as I get older. Therefore, I am only able to attend events with ten or less people, and even then I am not always in the mood to be touched.

Samwise is not guaranteed at all events due to distance and other factors.

Experience the unique!

Ask if Sam will be able to attend your event.